An Introduction to Modern JavaScript Frameworks: React, Angular, or Vue?

This article compares Angular, React, and Vue to help you decide the right option. Only a few years ago, developers often argued about Angular and React. However, in the last several years, interest in Vue.js has increased. Beginners who need help deciding which JavaScript framework to use. This article helps you.

Let's examine the features of Angular, Vue, and React to see if they meet your needs. This article compares Angular, React, and Vue and attempts to provide a framework for evaluating front-end JavaScript frameworks in general. When the framework changes next year, you'll know exactly which parameters to check!

Angular JS

One of Angular JS  standout features is its continuous updates. This means that every six months, you can expect a new and improved version that builds on the previous one. For example, the Angular 11 upgrade addressed all the issues in the prior iteration. However, it's important to note that significant upgrades can impact your code, so it's crucial to stay updated.

After each upgrade, Google delays releasing the older tools for six months, so you have a full year to make any necessary changes to your code. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Many other factors contribute to Angular's popularity among large-scale applications with intricate features.

angular vs react vs vue


Low-cost functionality and performance

Angular's official library includes everything you need. It also comes from Google so you can be assured of superior security measures. With Angular JS web development, there are fewer third-party library imports.


Because Angular JS uses Typescript, a condensed form of Javascript, maintaining Angular JS code is usually a breeze. Angular also imports dependencies to facilitate testing, which streamlines the whole app testing process.


Decision-makers need to worry about time-to-market and development costs. AngularJS development relies heavily on clean, consistent code to reduce both. Using it more than once won't confuse you.

UI Declarative

Angular and React differ primarily in that, unlike React, Angular does not integrate UI and functionality into the same components. Angular uses Javascript to implement functionality, but HTML to write the user interface. Instead of worrying about program flows, developers can add functions to the user interface (UI).

Simple Architecture

Due to its simplicity, a lightweight website can be created faster and with less code. Therefore, Angular JS websites will be more accessible to browse.

React JS

Since Facebook released it in 2013, this open-source Javascript toolkit has gained popularity among interactive web and mobile developers.

The React library has become a developer favorite for three main reasons. -

  • React's code reusability is a powerful tool that can empower you to build applications more efficiently and productively. Essential functions can be reused, saving time and effort in your development process. Angular JS has a steeper learning curve than React, but Vue is easier to use.
  • Control distinguishes a framework from a library. In this regard, React outperforms Angular. With Angular, you are in charge of including the necessary library components.

react js


Search Engine Optimized

The best way to achieve success on the Internet is through aggressive SEO. React's simple and slick code speeds up website loading. A page's loading speed is also crucial.

Tools for React Developers

React Developer Tools, a Chrome and Firefox plugin, allows you to change the user interface quickly. The application is also shown in its current state.

Conversion to React Native

In 2021, whether you're starting a new company or growing your current one, you will constantly focus on building mobile apps. Performance and ease of migration make React Native a popular cross-platform framework, reducing time to market. Developers need to examine the user interface (UI) on mobile devices and make the necessary adjustments to make it mobile-friendly.

Vue JS

TezJS, one of the fastest JavaScript frameworks, uses Vue as its primary language foundation. Since Vue can be rapidly released without sacrificing functionality or speed, it is ideal for lightweight, highly efficient, and intuitive applications. Here are some reasons why companies should consider Vue JS.

vue js - features


Size and Ease

Because the framework is so tiny, it downloads and launches quickly! With Vue, a line or two equals tens of lines in jQuery. Quickly create templates and apps. Vue JS combines what it can do for you with what you must do yourself.

Enhances functionality

When manipulating rows and columns in tables, Vue outperforms Angular and React. Unlike Angular, Vue's virtual DOM is lighter than React's.

Reporting Errors

Vue debugging occurs concurrently with development. User interfaces are visible as you write code. This simplifies debugging for developers.

Vue vs Angular

Typically, you would be allowed to use more than just Angular or Vue. They differ substantially in feature sets and learning curves, resulting in radically different libraries. For developers with less experience, Vue is a clear winner, while Angular is a better option for larger projects.

As Vue is in two different repositories, it's easier to keep up with new releases than Angular, which has a vast library and would require more effort to maintain.

vue vs angular vs react

Vue vs React

The decision between React and Vue is often contested. Vue has become more popular than React due to its thriving community. React developers continue to release many new components and extras, so the framework is not in decline either.

Compared to React, Vue is often easier to learn from scratch and is better suited for smaller, more straightforward projects. Vue's simplicity and intuitive nature can provide a sense of confidence and comfort, making it easier to incorporate Vue into existing or new applications because it uses HTML templates and JSX.

For experienced developers and programmers familiar with functional JavaScript, object-oriented JavaScript, and related ideas, React is a great option. However, if you're a new developer or are unfamiliar with complex JavaScript concepts, Vue might be a better option.

vue vs react vs angular

React vs Angular

If you are only considering Angular vs. React, all you have to do is weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each library. While both frameworks can create web and mobile applications, Angular is usually better suited for more extensive, enterprise-class products.

When using third-party tools, React often requires additional modules and components, which reduces the size of the core library. While Angular has a steeper learning curve than React, it is a more complete solution that does not require add-ons like React.

While Angular is better suited for developers with knowledge of TypeScript, React is best suited for JavaScript programmers with an understanding of ES6 and above.


Final Verdict 

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